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Subliminal messages

How to create more efficient subliminal messages

There are several factors that contribute for improving the effectiveness of subliminal messages when used for self-help, but undoubtedly the main one is to use them to reach directly the cause of what must be modified and not just aim at the symptoms.

For this reason, the more conscious you are of the causes underlying the behavior and attitudes you want to change with autosuggestion, the greater the chances to aim at the right target.

The simple fact that you start using an autosuggestion software already will make your conscious and subconscious mind be informed of a new reality that will take place when you begin the use of your computer.

While your conscious mind will perform your normal tasks in the computer and gradually give less and less attention to those messages flashing on the screen, your subconscious mind will be constantly faced with them and will know what those flashing lights mean.

Even if your mind has no physical capacity to perceive the symbols in the messages (assuming that you have written them in a font size incompatible with your visual capacity), just the fact of seeing them flashing will remind your subconscious mind of the purpose that led you to create them. This will contribute to reinforce those intentions in your subconscious mind.

But beyond these factors, others influence the results. Below we have listed some recommendations to enhance the effects of the messages:

    - The message must be in the first person (I use).

    - The message must be at the present time.

    - The message should be written without using slang or figures of speech, use the primary meaning of the words.

You should write the messages as if talking to yourself. Your subconscious mind works primarily in the present, so your messages should be in the present time. It was thought until some time ago that the messages should be said always in the form of a positive statement, but recent surveys in the US show that suggestions that deny something you want to fight are more incisive in our mind. Use the terms in its first and denotative sense, thus preventing your subconscious of confusing the meaning of the message as it understand everything literally. Sentences should preferably be short and easy to understand. This helps in assimilation. Whenever possible, try to focus on the causes of what is intended to change and not just on the effects.

Below, you have a table with phrases containing suggestions for varied purposes. The phrases are generic. But the more specific they are for the purpose of the user, the greater the chances of getting the desired result.

Suggestions for motivation

I like to do things

I'm excited about my work

My goals are very important to me

I create my future now

I am reaching my goals

I do what needs to be done

Suggestions for self-esteem

I deserve to be happy

I have great qualities

I am a good person

I am a valuable person

I deserve the best friends

I am highly esteemed

Suggestions for self-confidence

I trust in my ability

I like challenges

I am a courageous person

I'm good at what I do

I am an active person

I decide my actions

Suggestions for concentration

I can concentrate well

I study carefully

I work carefully

It is important to concentrate on what I do

I can stay focused

My concentration is improving

Suggestions for creativity

I am creative

Being creative is very rewarding

I always like to innovate

Multiple possibilities excite me

I have an open mind to suggestions

I am aware of changes

Suggestions to quit smoking

I'm a non-smoker

Being a non-smoker is more sociable

Being a non-smoker is good for my health

I hate the smell of cigarette

I hate the taste of cigarettes

I make my family happy being a non-smoker

Suggestions to stop drinking

I am happy without alcohol

I like to live sober

I can control myself

I am free of alcohol addiction

Only a sober life is a real life

Anti-depressive suggestions

I only have positive thoughts

I'm an optimistic person

I appreciate who I am

I can change my life

I am becoming happier

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