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Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are dreams in which the person experiences a level of realism almost as intense as the experiences he has when he is awake and, more than that, the person is aware of dreaming and able to control the dream leading it to what he wishes and can stop it when he want.

The usefulness of lucid dreaming can range from a simple fun to the experimentation with situations that a person can not confront in real life and would like to train this confrontation in a controlled environment.

Suppose a person has fear of flying. He could drive a lucid dream in which he was flying and being assured he could stop the dream as soon as he felt too much uncomfortable.

Moreover, the lucid dream as fun allows people to carry out the various fantasies that are impossible to be carried out in real life. Thus many of the frustrations at not being able to live certain experiences could be considerably reduced and bring more peace and happiness to many people.

How do I get to experience lucid dreams?

The best known way is to practice self-hypnosis. Using suggestions made by the person himself and sent to his mind, he will gradually be ready to turn normal dreams in lucid dreams.

In self-hypnosis sessions, the person leads himself to a state of complete relaxation where the mind is more receptive to self-suggestions and he can then send messages to his subconscious mind ordering his mind to take control of the dreams whenever they occur.

In addition to the suggestions by self-hypnosis, the person must also reinforce the habit of occasionally test the reality of day-to-day and ask himself if he is really awake or in a dream state. In doing such tests, the person will get used to do these questions and do them even when he is dreaming. This will help him figure out when he is dreaming and be able to take control of the dream.

Another good way of doing these tests directly is to try to manipulate reality making things to behave according to the will.

If reality reacts according to his mental commands, the person will know he is experiencing a lucid dream and then will be able to take control of the dream.

Another technique that helps to experience lucid dreams is maintaining a record of the dreams and take note of everything that can be remembered of the dream after waking. In doing so, the level of awareness of what was experienced in dreams gradually increases and the person will get a stronger link between the conscious level and the mental level in which dreams occur.

How to use SilentIdeas to experience lucid dreams?

Because it is a program that displays subliminal messages on the computer screen while the person uses it in his daily activities, SilentIdeas can be used to create message lists that send commands to the subconscious mind of the same type as the practitioner of lucid dreaming sends in his sessions of self-hypnosis.

Being regularly exposed to these messages, the person will be suggesting himself even when not practicing self-hypnosis sessions.

Using SilentIdeas, the user can create composite messages where an image can be associated with a sound. Every time the message is displayed, the sound will be played. So, a person can record a sound saying he will know that is dreaming every time he sees that image. In a dream, if the image appears, the person will remember that he is dreaming and that he can get control of the dream.

If you want to be introduced to SilentIdeas and use it in your exercises to achieve lucid dreams, click HERE to download it for free and start using it just now.


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