SilentIdeas 4.0
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Resources for registered users

Below, we have links to download the files that contain abundant material for use in crossword puzzles and sentence completion tests.

After downloading the desired files, in the SilentIdea 4.0, click on "General \ Import data to stock" menu. The new information will be added to the stock and will be used in crossword puzzles and tests.

For some languages​​, there will be only dictionary for use in crosswords or just new lists of phrases to be used in the sentence completion tests. As we acquire new resources, we will update this page.

Languages Crossword Tests
English-Italian yes yes
Italian-English yes no
English-Spanish yes yes
Spanish-English yes no
English-French yes yes
French-English yes no
English-German yes yes
German-English no yes
English-Turkish yes yes
Turkish-English yes no
English-Greek yes yes
English-Russian yes no
English-Croatian yes no
English-Danish yes no
English-Finnish yes no
English-Dutch yes no
English-Norwegian yes no
English-Polish yes yes
Polish-English yes no
English-Romanian yes yes
English-Swedish yes no
English-Thai yes no
English-Czeck yes yes
English-Ukrainian yes no
English-Vietnamese yes no
English-Portuguese BR yes yes
English-Portuguese PT yes no
German-Portuguese BR yes no
Spanish-Portuguese BR yes no
Italian-Portuguese BR yes yes
French-Portuguese BR yes yes
Portuguese BR - English yes no